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Slimming made easy for you with Ultratone. Book your tailormade treatments to target the goals you want to achieve. Guaranteed weight loss after 3 weeks. Ultratone has many functions to treat and maintain your weight.

Program 1 - Slimming

Burns off the fat while tightening and pulling in the muscles.

Program 2 - Deep Lift & Tone

This program has long stimulation patterns on the muscles which cannot be reached with everyday gym exercise whilst helping to shape and sculpt the body.

Program 3 - Workout

An intense stimulation to orkout and trasform th muscles, adding shape to he body.

Program 4 - Anti Cellulite

Helps to penetrate the cellulite and lifts and tones the area.

Program 5 - Lymphatic Drainage

A very gentle stimulation in order to release existing fluids and toxins in the body which is very essential during treatments.

Program 6 - Non Surgical Facelift

Using microcurrents to increase the Collagen and Elastin production. Whilst relaxing and enjoying the sensation of the Ultrawaves that tone and lifts the muscles, it also revitalises the skin to make it look radiant so therefore reduces lines and wrinkles.

Program 7 - Bust Lift / Arms & Hands

This program is designed to tone and lift the breasts and under arm muscles. You can also have a moisture surge of hydration on your hands during the treatment.

Program 8 - Hips, Thighs & Buttocks lift & Slim

Ultratone will help slim the thighs and buttocks with it's deep penetration of microcurrent signals which help to smooth out all Cellulite.

Program 9 - Pelvic Floor, Post natal & Posture

This program is designed to strengthen the posture and pelvic floor muscles. A great treatment after Post natal or to restrengthen the pelvic area.

Program 10 - Deep Moisture, Tone & Maintenance for face & body

After your designed course of treatments, a maintenance of once to twice monthly will ensure to keep up all the results achieved. You can combine a facial maintenance program to suit your skin type along with a fantastic Lymphatic drainage program to relieve under eye puffiness and swelling, lines and wrinkles. Don't forget the face shows signs of toxin's to.


Slimming Treatments

Individual Treatments - From £35 Course of 6 Treatments - £180 booked in advance.

Bust Lift Treatment

Individual Treatment - £40 for 1 hour which includes Hand Rejuvenation.

Pelvic Floor / Postnatal and Posture Treatments

Individual Treatment - £40 for 1 hour.

Non Surgical face lift Treatments

Individual Treatment - £35 Course of 4 Treatments - £100

* All Slimming Treatments are 45 minutes long *

Special Offer's

Book a course of 6 Slimming Treatments and receive a FREE 30 minute Non Surgical Face Lift

Book a course of 4 Non Surgical Face Lift Treatments for £140 and save £40

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